Cancel a refund request

Refund requests that have been made prior to the overnight settlement (midnight UAE/Dubai time) may be cancelled by using the operation specified below.

Cancelling a refund request will ensure that the referenced refund request will no longer be processed during the settlement cycle, and will therefore no longer return the refunded funds back to your customer.

This operation may be useful in instances where you wish to control the settlement of funds from your customer to you, on a per-basket-item basis, or for individual goods/services represented by a single authorization amount.

HTTP Request Method: DELETE
Resource (URI):[outlet-reference]/orders/[order-reference]/payments/[payment-reference]/refunds/[refund-reference]

Dynamic resource from order object:


AuthorizationBearer [access_token]


No request body required

Please note that, for authorization reversals, the cancellation of captures and the cancellation of refunds, no request body is required.