Recurring Payments via API

Use the N-Genius Online recurring payments APIs to quickly and easily configure regular, automated payments of a fixed amount from your customers.

If you're offering a subscription-based service to your customers, but would prefer not to configure these repeat payments using the built-in N-Genius Online virtual terminal, and instead have the need to configure them directly using our APIs, use the following steps as a guide to integrating the recurring payments facility with your website/service.

If you intend to use a Recurring Billing API integration model, make sure you consider PCI- DSS compliance to safely capture and transmit card details.

Right now, recurring payments must always be of a fixed amount (i.e. 100 AED) every time they are charged to your customer's card.

You may, however, configure the interval (frequency) of these payments. The available intervals are as follows:

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Annually (yearly)


Is your account enabled for recurring payments?

By default, all N-Genius Online accounts are provided with the recurring payments capability disabled. To check whether you have recurring payments enabled, or to have this facility enabled on your account, please contact your relationship manager or our E-Commerce Support team.