Slim mode

Typically, when a payment page is integrated into your web-site within an iframe, the surrounding content of your page will show your customer the order/basket data. If your payment page then also shows this data, and other styling artifacts, it can really disrupt the payment flow.

To cater for this scenario, the N-Genius Online payment page may also be invoked in an iframe friendly ‘slim’ mode, which removes any logos/images, and the summary bar (which shows the payment amount and order data).


To use this mode, simply add the query parameter ‘slim=true’ to the payment page link when you are redirecting your customer, and benefit from a less intrusive payment page.


By adding slim=2 the payment page will show the basket with line items and an option to select another payment currency if multi currency pricing is enabled.


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The summary of different UI elements displayed for various slim mode parameters is show in the below table

Query ParamBranding UI displayedBasket and MCP UI displayed