Pre-populate Cardholder's Name on Pay Page

The feature aims to enhance the user experience for merchants by automating the retrieval and display of the cardholder's name from the billing address.

How does it work?

Merchants now possess the ability to define a new attribute within merchantAttributes named showPayerName, which accepts a boolean value (either true or false). Depending on the value set for showPayerName, the system will automatically retrieve and pre-fill the cardholder's name on the payment page with the corresponding first and last names provided in the billing address.

Sample request to create order is below,

    "action": "SALE",
    "amount": {
        "currencyCode": "AED",
        "value": 100
    "merchantAttributes": {
        "paymentAttempts": "3",
        "cancelUrl": "",
        "offerOnly": "VISA",
        "showPayerName": true
    "billingAddress": {
        "firstName": "Mike",
        "lastName": "Wazowski",
        "city": "Mumbai",
        "state": "Maharashtra",
        "country": "India",
        "countryCode": "IN",
        "postalCode": "229664"

Below image shows payment page featuring the cardholder's name pre-filled based on the order request above: