Capture an authorized payment

To ‘capture’ an authorized payment means to make the payment ready for settlement, which is the process by which funds are transferred from your customer to your account overnight.

Only ‘captured’ payments will settle the requested funds to your account, so it is important that, if you are using the ‘AUTH’ transaction mode, you always capture these payments when you are ready to fulfil the service/product you are providing to your customer.

Processing transactions in ‘SALE’ mode, in contract, will automatically ‘capture’ the payment on your behalf once the successful authorization has taken place.

Using the method below, you may capture either the full authorization amount or a partial amount, but the sum of all captures may not exceed the original authorization value.

HTTP Request Method: POST

Resource (URI):[outlet-reference]/orders/[order-reference]/payments/[payment-reference]/captures

Dynamic resource (order JSON; ‘index’ will be zero unless recurring payment):


AuthorizationBearer [access_token]

Body / Form Data:

AttributeExample valueDescription
amount { }N/AAmount block
amount.currencyCodeAEDCurrency code (must match the currency code of the original authorization).
amount.value100Amount value (must not exceed the original authorization amount)

Example request (body):

  "amount": { "currencyCode": "AED", "value": 100 }

Example response (body):