Notification of new payments

Assuming you now have at least one active recurring payment successfully included in the N-Genius Online scheduler, we now need to understand how you will be notified of new payments against that recurring payment (i.e. all 'follow-up' payments that will take place against the agreed frequency/interval of the order).

There are two primary ways to do this, each with their own benefits and drawbacks:

  • Notification by email
  • Notification via web-hook

Notification by email

By configuring the default email notification address in the N-Genius Online portal, we can be notified every time there is an attempt to pay an invoice.

To do so, simply log-in to the N-Genius Online portal and navigate to Settings > General > Email Notifications. You may then enter the preferred email address to receive these updates and enable them using the toggle provided.


This email address will now receive a message every time one of your customers attempts to pay their invoice, whether successful or unsuccessful.

Notification via web-hook

To achieve a greater level of automation for your recurring payments integration, and perhaps to drive your fulfilment or CRM systems, we recommend the use of the N-Genius Online web-hooks facility.

This facility will send a JSON data-block to a secure URL of your choice (on your server, or environment) whenever a key event, such as a successful or failed authorization, takes place against one of your scheduled recurring payments.

For more information on web-hooks, and how to configure and make use of them, please refer to the Consuming web-hooks section.