One stage payments

The single stage payment integration type allows you to create an order and submit card payment information to N-Genius Online, at the same time, without mandating multiple calls to the transaction APIs for the initial payment request.

This method of collecting payment is the most common variant of this integration type. However, should you wish to collect payment after first creating an order, or if you are providing token data instead of card data to make payment, please refer to the Two stage payments section instead.

HTTP Request Method: POST
Resource (URI):[your-outlet-reference]/payment/card


AuthorizationBearer [access_token]


AttributeDescriptionExample value(s)
order { }Order data blockN/A
order.actionOrder type (see “AUTH OR PURCHASE”)“AUTH”, “SALE”, "PURCHASE"
order.amount { }Order amount data blockN/A
order.amount.currencyCodeOrder currency“AED”, “USD”, “EUR”, etc.
order.amount.valueOrder amount in minor units10.00 = “1000” (minor units)
payment { }Payment data blockN/A
payment.panCard PAN4111111111111111
payment.expiryCard expiry date2025-04
payment.cvvCard security code123
payment.cardholderNameCardholder nameJohn Brown

Note: the mandatory/minimum input parameters for successful creation of an order are detailed in the table above, but far more parameters are available. For more information on these, see the List of order input attributes section.



Orders created with the ‘PURCHASE’ action will, if successfully authorized, automatically and immediately attempt to capture/settle the full order amount, whereas orders created with the ‘AUTH’ action will await some further action from instructing N-Genius Online to capture/settle the funds.

Unless you are ready to ship your goods/services immediately, or you are selling digital content, we recommend you use the ‘AUTH’ action and capture your customers’ successful authorizations when you are ready to ship the goods to your customer.

Example request (body):

    "order": {
        "amount":{ "currencyCode":"AED", "value":100 }
        "cardholderName":"John Brown"

Example response (body):


Subsequent steps are now identical to the equivalent Two stage payments approach for this integration type.

Where you are required to process the 3-D Secure card-holder authentication challenge, please follow the matching steps as described in this section.