Request payment from your customer

By this point, we have now successfully created an order in the N-Genius Online gateway, and our next step is to request payment from our customer.

To do so, you should redirect the customer to the order_paypage_url we obtained from the response from our request to create an order. The N-Genius Online payment page will take care of the 3-D Secure and authorization process for us.

This redirect can be executed as a full-page redirect, as a ‘Lightbox’ implementation, or within an HTML tag, according to your needs.

Getting the payment outcome

In order to receive the outcome of the payment, it is recommended that merchants using this integration type also configure their N-Genius Online gateway to send call-back/web-hook notifications, so that they may be received and interpreted.

Alternatively, you may also interrogate the ‘ref’ query parameter that will be added to the redirectUrl you have specified. This will contain the order reference value, which you may use (in conjunction with a new access_token value, if required) to query the outcome of a payment with a GET call to the N-Genius Online APIs.

See Consuming web-hooks for more information about configuring and interpreting web-hook data, and Retrieve order status for an example of using the ‘ref’ value to retrieve the payment outcome manually.