Reversing an authorized payment

Reversing a successfully authorized payment will cancel the authorization that your customer’s issuing bank has provided as evidence of your transaction. Where supported by your customer’s issuing bank, this action will also release the funds that were previously held in readiness for a subsequent funds transfer (capture).

This operation is irreversible, and should only be performed if you are certain that the transaction for which you are reversing the authorization is no longer valid. Once this operation has been executed successfully, if you wish to charge the customer again, a new order must be created and a new payment must be authorized.

It is important to note that an authorization reversal may ONLY be performed against a payment which has no outstanding (pending or completed) captures or refunds associated with it.

HTTP Request Method: PUT

Resource (URI):[outlet-reference]/orders/[order-reference]/payments/[payment-reference]/cancel

Dynamic resource from order object:

Note that 'index' in this context will always be 0 (zero) unless the order represents a recurring payment.

AuthorizationBearer [access_token]


No request body required

Please note that, for authorization reversals, the cancellation of captures and the cancellation of refunds, no request body is required.