Create a recurring payment

Now that an access token has been provided, we are now able to create recurring payments for the N-Genius Online gateway to schedule and manage.

Once the initial payment has been made successfully, the internal scheduler will automatically keep track of your payments, their frequency/interval, and request a new payment from your customer's card whenever a payment is due.

HTTP Request Method: POST
Resource (URI):[your-outlet-reference]/orders


Add these headers to your request (note that you should replace 'access_token' with the access token value we received from the Request an access token step).

AuthorizationBearer access_token


Add the following JSON information to the form/body content of your request.

orderorder data blockN/A
order.actionPayment processing method'PURCHASE'
order.channelPayment processing channel'MoTo'
order.typeType of payment requested'RECURRING'
order.frequencyFrequency/interval of paymentVarious (see below)
order.emailAddressCustomer email address[email protected]
order.amountorder.amount data blockN/A
order.amount.currencyCodeOrder currency'AED', 'USD', etc.
order.amount.valueRecurring amount1000 ( = 10.00 AED)
paymentpayment data blockN/A
payment.panPAN of card (16-19 digits)4111****1111
payment.expiryCard expiry date2025-04
payment.cvvCard security code123
payment.cardholderNameCard-holder full nameTest Customer

*Available intervals (frequencies):

Interval / frequencyDescription
WEEKLYA payment for the required amount will be attempted immediately, then every 7 days thereafter.
MONTHLYA payment for the required amount will be attempted immediately, then every month on the same day of the month. Note that, if the date of presentment (i.e. the first transaction is between 29th-31st of any given month), subsequent payments will be taken on the 28th of each month, in order to cater for months with fewer than 30 days.
YEARLYA payment for the required amount will be attempted immediately, then every year on the same date for each subsequent year.

Example request (body):

      "order": {
          "channel": "MoTo",
          "type": "RECURRING",
          "frequency": "MONTHLY",
          "emailAddress": "[email protected]",
          "amount": {
          "cardholderName":"Test Customer"

Example response (body):

    "state": "ACTIVE",
    "reference": "5787d6d7-765f-4716-b19f-0b6482aa802d",
    "frequency": "MONTHLY",
    "orderReference": "5787d6d7-765f-4716-b19f-0b6482aa802d",
    "outletId": "5edab6d7-5946-43f4-b8c7-06b29c272bdd",
    "startTime": "2019-05-26T04:59:11Z",
    "nextPaymentOn": "2019-06-23T04:59:11Z"

Response attributes:

stateIndicates whether the recurring payment is active or otherwise'ACTIVE', 'FAILED'
referenceReference of the container order for the recurring payment[UUID]
frequencyThe agreed frequency/interval of the recurring payment'MONTHLY', 'DAILY'
orderReferenceOrder reference[UUID]
outletIdThe reference of the outlet which accepted the payment[UUID]
startTimeDate/time of first payment2019-05-26T04:59:11Z (UTC)
nextPaymentOnDate/time of next payment2019-06-23T04:59:11Z (UTC)

Note: if the 'state' attribute is returned 'ACTIVE', then you may consider the first payment (and the inclusion of your recurring payment in the N-Genius Online scheduler), successful.

However, should you wish to interrogate the order further, you may use the 'orderReference' attribute to query the order in more detail (see Retrieve order status for more information on how to do this).


Changing a recurring payment

It is not currently possible to amend or change an active recurring payment. Should you wish to amend the payment frequency, amount, or the card information associated with the order, you must first cancel the existing recurring payment, then create a new one (with the new parameters) to replace it.