Payment Actions

This section explains the terminology used on N-Genius Online for Payment Actions

Auth Payment

An Auth is requesting to ring fence/shadow money from a card. When authorising a card you are ringfencing the funds on the card holders account.
When you are ready to capture the payment and get settled for the authorised amount then you can go to capture the order.

After a certain period which is defined by the issuing banks, the shadow on the card will be released.

Capture Transaction

A capture is requesting the funds that were ring-fenced by the preceeding Auth. Actually putting the transaction in the settlement file.

Partial Capture

You can partially capture the authorised amount by entering in the amount less than the authorised amount.

Sale Transactions

A "Sale" Transaction is a Auth and Capture in a single request.

Purchase Transaction

A purchase transaction is where the payment is captured immediately after the authorization. It is similar to the Sale transaction. In this case, there is no scope for the merchant to initiate an auth reversal as the actions(auth and capture) happen one after the other. Purchase = Auth + Capture.

Unlike a Sale transaction, this will be a single-stage payment. The purchase transaction is recommended for the merchants who do not want to use dual-stage payment.

Refund Payment

Refunding money back onto a card, this occurs after settlement has taken place. Must be linked to an original transaction.

Merchant Admin users have the permission to do refunds on the portal.

Go to "Orders" and click on the closed order you wish to refund.

Click on "refund" button to refund the transaction in full. The refund will be processed and depending on the card issuer the refund can take about 2-3 days.


When you click "Refund" you have the option to partially refund the transaction.


Partial Refund of Partial Capture

You have the flexibility to refund the partially captured amount or partially refund the partial captured amount. Each of the actions will be shown at the top of the order page under the original amount authorised. This is only available for non MCP transactions, due to currency variations.

Auth Reversal

An Auth Reversal is removing the shadow on a card that was placed by an Auth.

Cancel Transaction

A cancelled transaction (Also called void) is an Instruction to undo the previous action.
You can cancel a transaction the same day as the transaction was done, the time is shown as a countdown in the "orders details" section of the transaction.


Standalone Refund

A Standalone Refund is an instruction to put money onto a card, not linked to any transaction. Often used for good-will gestures.

Please get in contact with your Relationship Manager to get this feature.

Verify Card (Zero Value Auth)

A Verify Card - Zero Value Auth. An authorisation for a value of zero. Used to verify a card is good for future payments. Often used at the time of registration for a service.