Create New Pay By Link

Create new Payment Link


Video Tutorial

Watch the video on how to Create Pay By Link:

Open new payment link

  1. Select the Payments option from the top Main menu bar. The Payments menu bar displays, with the Pay By Link open by default.
  2. Click the New button. The Add New Invoice page displays.

Create a new payment link

  1. Click on the Open icon in the Outlet field. The dropdown list of options displays.
    Select the option you want from the dropdown field.
  2. In the Bill To section, type in the First and Last Names, Email Address, and optional CC Email Address and Pay by Link Order Reference in the appropriate fields.
  3. In the Pay by link details section, click on the Open icon in the Transaction Type and Currency fields. The dropdown lists of available options display. Select the option you want from the appropriate dropdown field.
  4. Click in the Link Expiry Date field to display the calendar popup box.
    Navigate to, and select the day you want as the invoice link’s expiry date. The new day displays in the Link Expiry Date field.
1260 1037

Note: use the Forwards and Backwards arrows to find the correct month.
Type in the Item Description that the payment link is for, the Number of the item sold, and the item Amount, in the appropriate field.
5. Do you want to add another item?
If yes, go to Step 6.
If no, go to Step 7.
6. Click the Add another item link, and repeat Steps 3 and 4 in the new item line.
Type a message in the message box if you want to.
7. Select one of your configured email templates and amend as needed
8. Click the Preview button to view a preview of the Pay by Link email. Click outside the preview box to close it.
Click the Send button. The Manage Payment links screen displays, with the new payment links in the pay by link list.
9. A “Invoice xxxx was sent to xxxx” confirmation message displays under the Payments menu bar.