Merchant Service Accounts



The Merchant Service Accounts screen is where existing accounts can be viewed, and new Merchant Service Accounts created.

This type of User account is meant for machines connecting to the system, rather than individual Users. They are issued an API Key that is autogenerated by the system, rather than selecting a password.

This is not a full service type of account and has very limited permissions.

It may view:

  • Merchant Hierarchy
  • Reports
    Has read/write access to:
  • Create Orders
  • Authorisation
  • Authorisation Reversal
  • Capture (including partial)
  • Void and
  • Refunds (including partial)
    May view and download:
  • Outlet Reports and
  • Transaction Data

Open Merchant Service Accounts screen

  1. Select the Settings option from the top Main menu bar. The Settings menu bar displays, with the Users page open by default.
  2. Click on the Integrations menu option. The Integration settings screen displays.
  3. Click on the Merchant Service Accounts link. The Merchant Service Accounts page displays.

Create New Merchant Service Account

  1. Click on the Merchant service account link in the Integration settings page. The Merchant service accounts page displays, with a list of existing Merchant Service Accounts.
  2. Click the New button. An Add service account slide-out box reveals.
  3. Type in the name and description you want for the service account. These are free text fields and can include any characters you want.

Note: Please type carefully, as merchant service accounts cannot be edited or deleted.

  1. Click on the Add button. The Add service account box retracts and the new account displays in Merchant Service Accounts list.
    The system automatically generates a unique API key and attaches it to the new merchant service account.