Pay by Link Configuration

On this page you can set a template for all your payment links that you send to your customers


Video Tutorial

Watch the guide on youtube here:
Configure Pay By Link:

Open Pay by Link Configuration screen

  1. Select the Settings option from the top Main menu bar. The Settings menu bar displays, with the Users open by default.
  2. Click on the Payment configuration menu option. The Payment configuration settings screen displays.
  3. Click on the Pay by Link Configuration link. The Pay by Link Configuration page displays.
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Pay by Link Configuration

  1. Type in the from email address where you want the payment link to be sent from.
  2. Type in the default email subject in the Email Subject field e.g Bill payment details or invoice details.
  3. Enter the "Reply to email address" which is the email your customers will be able to reply to when they receive the payment link.
  4. Email display name is the name which your customers see when they receive the email. Could be for example your business name you enter, so they know it is coming from your business.
  5. From pay by link logo URL. Enter the URL of your company logo which you want displayed on the payment page.
  6. Success URL: Here you can enter a link to your website so when cardholders have completed the payment they can click a link that refers back to your website.
  7. Enter the cc emails you want to always have in cc when sending payment links, these will be auto populated whenever you create a new payment link.
  8. Enter your business address the address will be displayed in the email which your customers receives.
  9. Select the transaction type the dropdown shows the types of transactions you can process. Auth & Capture, Sale or Purchase. Click in the Supported Transactions field or on the Open icon beside it and select the option or options you want from the dropdown field.
  10. Select the link expiry the payment link will expire after the number of days you put in the field and it will be mentioned in the email to the customer that they have to pay within the time mentioned.
  11. Terms and Conditions URL: If you have a T&C URL on your website you can include it here so that cardholders have to tick off they have read the T&Cs before they click "pay now" on the payment page
  12. Payment reattempts: You can select the number of payment attempts a card holder can make on one order. Maximum is 5 attempts. This allows a card holder to retry on the same payment link sent, if the transaction was declined/failed or 3DS challenge page was unsuccessful, then the card holder can reopen the payment link and try again without intervention from the merchant. You can see the history of the order of how many attempts was done.