Fraud Screening

Tailor-made fraud screening to suit your business, using a combination of dynamic fraud tools, processes and proven expertise. N-Genius online partners with the world’s top fraud detection systems and employs a rules engine, a case management system, as well as reporting and analytics modules.


N-Genius Online provides a multi- tiered approach to Fraud Screening and prevention. This includes a highly customizable set of internal Risk Rules, support for 3D-Secure protocols and enhanced screening from a fraud engine.

Enhanced Fraud Screening

The enhanced fraud screening takes place, after 3D-Secure authentication and Issuer Authorization. The model is commonly known as ‘Post Auth Fraud Screening’.


Please Note

It is important, if you are registered for enhanced screening, that when a transaction is Fraud Checked with a status of rejected, you do not deliver the goods or services. To avoid card-holder impact, the Ngenius platform will automatically initiate an Authorization Reversal, to remove the shadow from the cardholders account and release their funds.

This Authorization reversal will have a status of ‘successful’. Which ensures the card-holder amount is no longer impacted. This success status should not be interpreted as a successful payment. Goods and services should not be released.

The N-Genius platform offers a feature that allows you to override the fraud screening response. It is strongly recommended that if you are to use this feature, you contact the card-holder to confirm authenticity before manually overriding the Fraud Reject. If you wish to override a Fraud Reject outcome, please contact your relationship manager to have the ‘Fraud Override’ service enabled on your account (Subject to approval from NI credit risk).

## Customised solution based on your needs

* Flexibility to select a Pre-Auth or a Post-Auth fraud screening solution based on your needs
## Custom Rule Sets

Powerful business-user rule management console.

Create rules using a pre-defined rule library and easy-to-use custom rule builder
## Machine Learning

* Smart machine learning modules create a model with sufficient predictive capability and accuracy
## Dynamic Authentication (3DS)

Allows merchants to turn their fraud-screening ‘on’ or ‘off’ based on a range of self-selected rule parameters

Strike a balance between fraud risk and conversion.
## Managed Fraud Services

* Helps you build tailor made fraud strategies when considering expanding into new geographies, markets and channels, including mobile
## Operational Fraud Reporting Services

Order conversion summary and detail

Fraud and Chargeback review dashboards