Email Templates Configuration

Pay by Link email templates
In this section you can create multiple email templates so that you don't have to type in a message each time you send a Pay by Link.


Video tutorial

See the youtube video here:
Configure Email Template:

Go to settings page and click on Pay by Link email template

  1. Click on the "New" button to create new template
  1. Type in a template name that describes the product or service you are selling
  2. Subject line: Write a default subject line and include smart tags if needed. Example could be: Your booking for {{orderID}} is ready for payment.
  3. Message: Here you can write a message template and include smart tags as needed. For example:
    Dear {{firstName}} {{lastName}}

Thank you for your booking at our hotel.

By clicking on the below link and paying for the booking your booking will be confirmed.

Please pay before {{expirydate}}

Hope you will enjoy your stay

Kind regards
NB: the smart tags will take the written input when a new payment link is created.