One-step Direct API

In the one-step direct API model, the first transaction will require the merchant to collect and submit card details.

The gateway will return a “savedCard” block, which the merchant must store
alongside the credentials used to identify the payer.

In the one-step model, the merchant needs to post the data from the returned
savedCard block in the “payment” block with the addition of the collected CVV.


In the one-stage model, a transaction can be initiated with just the following data fields being posted to the savedCard URL:

    "order" : {
       "action" : "SALE",
       "amount" : {
     "payment" : {
        "maskedPan" : "401200******1112",
        "expiry" : "2025-04",
        "cardholderName" : "Mr Tokenisation",
        "scheme" : "VISA",
        "cardToken" : "dG9rZW5pemVkUGFuLy92MS8vU0hPV19GSVJTVF82X0xBU1RfNC8vNDAxMjAwcHhncXM0MTExMg==",
        "cvv" : "123"