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Welcome to the N-Genius Online user guide. This guide is written for merchants and developers using the N-Genius Online payment gateway to accept online payments.

Pay by Link


Pay By Link is an easy way for you to send payment links to your customers. If you need to send bills, invoices or a quote this tool is easy to manage for your employees and a great way to collect payments quickly from customers. The feature has the option to be personalised to the individual customer you are sending the payment link to by filling out the email subject and message. You can also preview the email before sending it.

Front desk or back
office creates payment
link from portal.

Customer received email
with payment link.

Customer opens link
to payment page and
enters card details.

Customer clicks pay
and front desk or back
office can see the
payment has been made.

On the portal you have a full overview of all the payment links you sent as well as their transaction status.

Updated 6 months ago

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