This 'Reports' section is for downloading larger reports so you can perform more comprehensive analysis of your payments data, including reconciliation of your transactions and settlement.

If you're downloading less than 10,000 orders you can go to "Orders", select your filters as needed and then click "Download". This will execute a real-time, on-demand report that will automatically download to your computer when it is ready.

If the number of orders in your report exceeds 10,000 then you will be directed to the "Reports" page where the report will be in the waiting queue until download has finished.

You will receive a email notification when the download has finished.

To download a large report manually, visit the "Reports" tab and click on "Generate". A pop out will appear and you can choose from the available filters if needed (i.e. for different payment types, currencies or if you want a report from a certain outlet).


Click on "Generate" once you have selected your filters and then the report will appear in the download queue with a "Pending" status.


Once the report is downloaded you will receive an email notification and you can return to the portal do download the report by clicking on the download button


RRN - Retrieval Reference Number

The RRN can be used to reconcile your settlement report from Network International. You can find the RRN under "Orders" in the authorised transaction, and this will match with the appropriate column in any settlement reports that you receive.

To copy/paste a specific order's RRN, simply click on the copy icon next to RRN number.

The RRN value can also be found in the download reports for all transactions which have been successfully authorised.