Pay by QR code guide

To create a QR code from the merchant portal you go to "Payments" and "Pay by QR code". Below screen shot shows the form which you should fill out before the QR code can be enabled.

  • Select outlet in the dropdown
  • First name/ Last name
  • Transaction type select Auth, Sale or Purchase
  • Select currency from the dropdown
  • Input Item description i.e. blue shoes
  • Select number of items in quantity and amount
  • Add more items if required in "Add another item"

Once you have filled out the form you click "Create Order & Generate QR code" button and a QR code will display on the screen


Ask your customer to open any QR code scanner app on their mobile phone and display the QR code in front of them.

The customer will then be directed to the payment page with the amount you requested displayed to them. The customer will then enter their card details and click pay.

Once the customer has paid you can go to "Payments" where you can see the status of the transaction and capture the payment.