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Welcome to the N-Genius Online user guide. This guide is written for merchants and developers using the N-Genius Online payment gateway to accept online payments.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is an easy way for your customers to pay without having to have their wallets on them. A customer would save their cards in the Apple Pay wallet and be able to use them on POS or In app. On N-Genius Online you can integreate Apple Pay on your app with our Mobile SDKs for iOS.

Security benefits from a customers point of view:

  • Will not have to risk displaying card details in public
  • Not having to enter in their PIN as they use the fingerprint instead
  • When paying in app you verify the transaction with your fingerprint instead of a login which is more secure and information cannot be stolen


Accepting Apple Pay

If you'd like more information on how to integrate Apple Pay using our iOS SDK, head over to the Developer section.

Updated 6 months ago

Apple Pay

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