Apple Pay

Apple Pay is a secure, easy way for your customers to pay without having to have their credit/debit card to hand. It is a convenient payment method both in a face-to-face environment and online, and continues to grow in popularity around the globe.

Shoppers will save their cards in their Apple Pay wallet, and can use them to pay for goods/services via Apple Pay on any device that is ready to accept Apple Pay, including physical POS devices, in-app and on E-Commerce payment page. With N-Genius Online you can choose either to integrate Apple Pay on your mobile app, using our Mobile SDKs for iOS, or integrate with our Hosted Payment Page (HPP) and have Apple Pay acceptance enabled seamlessly for you by our support team.

Integrating Apple Pay for in-app payments

For more information on how to accept Apple Pay via your own mobile app for iOS, head over to our Mobile SDKs section to get started.

Accepting Apple Pay on the web, via the N-Genius Online payment page

In this integration type, we decrypt the sensitive payment details for you and you only need to provide some details to us before your consumers can pay with Apple Pay. This is the easiest way to offer Apple Pay on the Web and our recommended approach, as you will not be required to procure certificates from Apple, or enroll in the Apple Pay developer programme.

To get started:

  • First, you should complete your integration to the N-Genius Online payment page (see here for more information
  • You will need to provide NI with the business name that should be displayed to your shoppers during their payment journey
  • NI will register your business with Apple for Apple Pay acceptance (auto-enrolment) and you will be informed when Apple Pay is ready to be accepted through your N-Genius Online payment page.

When Apple Pay has been enabled on your account, your shoppers/customers will be able to pay using Apple Pay, online, using any Apple Pay-enabled device.

What’s Next

To enable Apple Pay, please contact us