This user manual provides the information necessary to install N-Genius Payment Gateway on PrestaShop Shopping Cart.


PrestaShop Shopping Cart application should be installed and configured properly.


The latest version of the plugin can be downloaded here


  1. Login to PrestaShop Admin Panel
  2. Navigate to Modules and Services, click on “Install a module”
  1. Choose the Plugin zip file
  1. After uploading this module, configure the settings.


  1. Once the installation is completed, click on the “Configure” button.
  2. The configuration screen will be displayed as shown below.
  1. Configure the plugin and save.
  2. Please verify if the ngenius folder exists in modules folder, path <prestashop_project_path>/modules/ngenius.
    For module files:

Customer Shopping and Redirection to Payment Gateway

When the customer is doing an online shopping in the merchant website, the N-Genius Payment Gateway will be available as a payment option in the “Checkout” Page.

1.Open PrestaShop website and add some items to the cart.

  1. Click on Checkout and follow the steps in the Checkout process.
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  1. N-Genius Payment Gateway is available as a payment option. Click on the same to proceed to the payment gateway.
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4.The page will be redirected to N-Genius Payment Gateway. Please fill in the card details.

  1. The customer has an option to save their card for next purchase, once it is saved the next purchase that the customer makes they will not have to enter card details again.

  2. Once the payment is processed, the page will be redirected to the PrestaShop website.

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  1. An email will be sent to the customer’s registered email address.

Orders Log and View

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N-Genius Report

Admin users can view the payment transaction log from the admin panel. The menu path for the logis Sell -> N-Genius Report


Query API

While customer makes his payment via N-Genius, if the transaction could not be completed due to a network issue, or due to the browser was closed, PrestaShop will not receive any response from N-Genius Payment Gateway to process the order. To handle such cases, Query API functionality has been implemented as part of the solution. Query API Cron Job will check previous one hour’s orders and if there are any missing orders with pending status, it will query N-Genius and update the status of the order and send the Order Confirmation mail.
If the customer tries to place the same order once again before his previous order is processed, he will be notified with the below warning message. If the customer is placing a new order, he can proceed to N-Genius Payment Gateway.

Adding Cron Job

Add the cron job to your cron module or to server directly. This cron job will run the Query API to retrieve the status of incomplete requests from N-Genius and update the order status in PrestaShop. It is recommended to run this cron at every 20 minutes.


CRON job configuration steps please copy the URL and add to server cron job list. With the specified interval time span.
/60 * * * curl "xxxx:/"